What you need to know before you are planning to chat with a mormon?

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Are you planning to chat with a Mormon? Before you open your laptop and start chatting, there are several basic things you have to know about Mormons as a whole.

Mormons are Those with Black Name Tags and Bike Helmets

There are Mormon missionaries who ride bikes, other walk and there are also those who drive cars. Yet, whatever their mode of transportation is, you can always expect them to have black name tags with the Mormon Church’s name and their names.

They Go in Fours

More often than not, missionaries are working in pairs, referred to as companionships. At times, they are over two missions in companionships but never fewer. They are not merely companions as they also happen to be roommates. These companionships exist for missionaries to look out for each other.

They’re Not Only Young Looking, They are Really Young

Many missionaries are just about 18 to 25 years old. Men and women alike can go on missions even though companionships are exclusively female or male. Only Church members who are not married can serve missions. This is because missions last from about 18 months up to 2 years and this is too long for one to stay away from a husband or wife. The only exception is retired married couples serving missions together.

Scripts Don’t Exist

Missionaries get some training. There are those who learn various languages, for instance. Missionaries can also receive instructions in terms of effective communication for them to become better teachers and more importantly better listeners.

No Payment But Many Benefits

It takes lots of works to be a missionary yet they get pretty low payment. The truth is, missionaries do not really get any payment. They pay their own way, done willingly and cheerfully. This is because they love everything they do. They are exactly where they are since this is where they would like to be. Personal growth is what they enjoy as well as being able to see how the gospel changes and touches lives of the people they teach.

Personal or Pixel Talks Will Do

If you find it more comfortable than having to meet in person, you can always chat with a Mormon online. They will be ready to answer any question you got about the gospel of Jesus Christ himself, the Christ’s Church and Mormons of today. There is no need for you to feel worried that you will get involved or be obligated in more ways than what you like because it all up to you to decide how much you want to learn.

They Only Follow His Lead

It is no longer a new thing to go around and talk about God. It is what Jesus Christ also did when He was still alive. Following His death and Resurrection, it is what He instructed the disciples to do as well. This also goes for this day and age. While the names of missionaries differ on the black name tags, one thing that remains the same is the most important name, that of Jesus Christ together with the name of the Church.