What LDS Guys Wished LDS Girls Knew ?

| Post by LDSDatingSites.org

love tipsFor LDS guys, a big concern with trying to date LDS girls is the natural miscommunication that often happens when trying to initiate a date, get-together, or other activity that may or may not lead to more serious things down the road. Combine that with the fear of not being fully understood that leads many guys to not take the first step when the girls might be interested.

Here are a few things that LDS guys wished that LDS girls knew or understood better so that at least the communication could improve and fewer misunderstandings would occur.

A Date is just That, A Date

When an LDS guy asks an LDS girl on a date, there is no marriage proposal attached. It’s just asking for an opportunity to get to know you better. While there is the fear of the guy expecting more than just a date or becoming clingy, he should not be rejected flat out just because of the fear alone. If the guy has a history of that type of behavior, that’s one thing. However, most guys can keep things in perspective so when they ask girls out on a date, they should be given the benefit of the doubt.

It’s Okay for Girls to Ask Boys on a Date

Of course, the reason that most girls do not is the same reason that many boys do not, what if they say no. You are really putting yourself out there when asking someone else out for a date, so it’s perfectly understandable why boys have a tough time and the same is true for girls. Of course, there are the traditional roles for boys and girls in which the boy must initiate the contact is observed.

Of course, girls should understand that the unspoken hints they put out to attract a boy may fall flat simply because boys are not trained to notice. What girls provide as hints are things that boys can easily misinterpret as something else.

Boys Do Not Get Hints

It is true that boys read body language than girls, but they often do not understand or worse, misinterpret the signals that are given. While being direct may not be the answer, it is better for the girl’s words and body language to match so that there are no mixed signals. Admittedly, it can be difficult to find the right words, but the essence of what you say should be combined with how you act to send a consistent message. So, if you don’t care about them, do not give any indications that you do care about them.

Stick to Your Timetable

In other words, successful marriages are based on both people wanting to spend the rest of their life with each other. Not because everyone else is getting married, so you should as well. Everyone has their own timetable and whether that means you get married right out of high school, in college, when you are out on your own, or never, then that is the decision LDS boys and LDS girls need to make for themselves.