Survey Results about LDS Singles

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LDS coupleThe married and single members of the Latter Day Saints Church see challenges faced by singles in a completely different way. During a survey conducted among members of the Church, it can be noted that the singles overwhelmingly gave a few specific answers. On the other hand, the married respondents just managed to mention these issues several times but they also gave complete different responses.

Through such disconnect, it is not really a big surprise that the general membership of the church find it hard to help and include the single adults. The said survey will hopefully help others to gain a better understanding regarding the needs of the LDS singles and with this knowledge, they will be able to come up with more effective programs for singles in their respective areas.

Different Perspectives on Challenges Faced by LDS Singles

The married and singles somewhat see and don’t see the challenges in the same way. It was tremendously reported by the singles that the most significant challenge was being able to find worthy men. This answer also managed to pop up a few times in the responses of the married members but this was not really the majority response. And when it comes to the myth that LDS singles choose to postpone marriage, most of the answers of the married responses implied that the singles try to stay away from marriage due to financial reasons. It can be noted that only a few, if any, of the singles cited finances. The truth is, this is merely anecdotal although it was observed that most singles view marriage to be the solution to financial woes as there is now a chance to go from a single full time income and become two full time incomes instead. A lot of singles assume that their future spouse is going to help them get out of debt.

Lessons Thought by Survey Results

The survey responses also showed that there is a devastatingly high number of people who are afraid of commitment and that they might end up making a poor choice when choosing a spouse. Does it mean that the Church teaches the message in a wrong way that a lot of people experience this fear? What can be done to better boost their confidence in commitment and dating? It feels that the more teenagers are thought not to date and form any emotional attachment, it might mean that they will be damaged later on in their life. As they go back home from the missions, are they thought how to form the attachments that they are strongly dissuaded from having in the past? What can be done to help teach the young single adults and the single adults on forming loving and healthy relationships?

Through the survey results, it is expected that it will serve as an eye opener for all members of the Church in order to help all the singles to form better and happier relationships later on in their lives.