Is LDS dating dead?

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LDS datingIs LDS dating already gone and broken?

Among the biggest and most common themes in today’s LDS church is that most Mormon single adults no longer want to date. The men receive shame about this in General Conference while the single adult ward bishops are going as far as calling it the D word. Majority of older church members believe that dating is a big problem for many single LDS adults today. But, no matter what most people believe, LDS dating is still well and alive and LDS online dating sites continue to thrive than ever before.

The truth is, there are several reasons why fewer church members date and marry these days. One of these is none other than the economy. Even with all the convincing from the government, the economy hasn’t completely recovered from the crisis in 2008. While things are no longer getting worse, they are not getting better as well. Prices are rising while wages remain stagnant. Jobs are what make men feel confident. When one doesn’t have a well paying job, it can hurt their confidence that also affects their ability of attracting women. Ladies don’t prefer jobless men since LDS women, at one point, will choose to be stay at home moms with their kids. Men who don’t have decent job have lesser chances of earning money to let their wives stay at home. The bad economy is the primary factor in the decrease of dating and marriages among LDS singles.

Hangout culture is also a big factor and this is evident in LDS dating websites. There are some who stick to the hangout culture and never leave it at all. They remain the same people for the rest of their lives. Mormons are not the only ones who are knee deep in this culture because most young women and men these days are very much into it. By hanging out with the same folks daily, you put a limit on your possible dating choices. A good reason for this is they are afraid of rejection. They refuse to risk rejection so they choose to pretend as simply friends, hoping and praying that one way or another, magic will work and things will fall into place.

Another factor why LDS online dating sites have also seen a downturn is because most LDS single adults are bothered by the epidemic known as obesity. Whether you like it or not, most men don’t want to go out with fat girls.

Pornography is another reason why a lot of men are losing interest in dating. For most average LDS men, they would rather stay at home, open the computer and watch attractive ladies doing all sorts of nasty things right in the convenience of their home.

There is also a struggle in LDS dating websites due to the general masculinity crisis that affects men. A lot of men have no idea how to be men in the first place and this is what restricts them to explore the world and discover that there is so much out there.