How to Date a Mormon

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young coupleLet’s face it. Only a few people like to live their life based on rules. In fact, many feel that they have the ability need to figure things out on their own and come up with their own decisions. And these days, this kind of thought is also applicable to marriage and dating. Being given with rules to follow as to who you should date and how you should go about when you do so can easily make other people cringe right away.

But, many also realize and understand that for you to be a part of a certain religion or any religion for that matter, you need to know and go by the rules they set and meet certain requirements and standards. It is something applicable as far as Mormon dating rules are concerned. Whether you like or not, there are certain things which are allowed and not allowed when dating a Mormon. You have to follow these if you want to get the approval of the Mormon Church and be given the liberty to date.

First of all, the rules in dating a Mormon will require that you only date a fellow Mormon. This is a rule that is not unusual for most religions and churches anyway. Dating someone who doesn’t share your faith is something regarded as a form of disloyalty. This is because you might consider your beliefs and faith to be not that important to you, especially if you choose to be with someone who doesn’t even share the same beliefs and faith.

Chastity also plays a very crucial role in Mormon dating rules. According to the Church, sexual relations must only be shared by a woman and a man who is already married to one another and these must not be done at any other time and with anyone else. This basically rules out the rest of the practices of adultery and fornication.

Rules in dating a Mormon also touch on a person’s actions, thoughts and even the way you dress. All of these must remain chaste and modest all the time. Pornography is also highly forbidden.

Even though Mormons don’t necessarily practice the so-called arranged marriages or other similar things that some religions do up to this day and age, still, they encourage members of their Church to take with great seriousness all the Mormon dating rules. They also emphasize the importance of applying these to their own courtship.

With these set of rules, the Church expects that their members will adhere to the teachings and make sure that they practice dating according to what is allowed. If you have any plans to date a Mormon or if you are a Mormon yourself and you want to engage in dating, these rules must serve as your guide so as you will not disobey or go beyond what has already been set. Following these rules is a simple way of showing respect to the Church and the person you are dating at the same time.