How are LDS Singles Over 50 Looking for Love

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For the LDS singles over 50 years old, there are times when it can feel as if the odds and the whole world are against you in your search for a romantic love relationship. At this point in your life, it can seem as I all the good ones are already taken. For mature people, it is common to hear them asking as to where all mature LSD singles their age have gone.

They pose this dating question as if there is one single hide out where all the rest of the mature singles over 50 are all going to hang out and socialize together without them on Sunday afternoons and evenings and having such a grand good old time and they didn’t even heard of it yet.

In reality, things can be tough. Many of the singles social events and single mixers usually have an age cut off of about 45 years old. So, what will you do if you are already over 45 and 50? Do you have to lie about your real age just so you can attend a speed dating event for mature singles and hope that they don’t check your ID?

LDS singles over 50If there is something you should know, it is that not all LDS singles over 50 are hanging out and socializing in only one or two venues in the same way that most singles in their 30s or 20s do. There is quite a number of social options available and open to you as a single over 50 and it means that you are among the many singles of your gender at a certain soiree. You can always meet other mature singles of opposite gender at such events as well. You only have to remember that odds are going to be uneven sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop making an effort of going to these events. You have to keep going and try mixing things up. Attend the single mixers of various churches and go to several various social dancing events.

If the numbers are not event at a singles social event, it can get almost aggressive from either side. Avoid doing this. You don’t have to socially jump and lunge on other singles. What do you have to do instead? You can talk to other singles of the opposite sex. You should aim to be poised, gracious, calm and confident when you do so.

You have to refrain from dominating their conversation time and socializing. Spend several minutes to connect genuinely and have a brief small talk. 7 to 10 minutes would be enough. Exit and leave room and time for them to speak with the rest. If they have a particular interest on you, they will surely try to seek you out again. You might also want to attend these events prepared with your personal card for you to share your contact details with a social ease and poise.

LDS singles over 50 like you can still look for love. It is all up to you to make the move.