Can Mid-LDS Singles Make New Friends Easily?

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mid-LDS singlesIt can be quite difficult to meet new people for most mid-LDS singles. Gone are the days of frequent activities meant to help people get in touch with one another, or the constant changing of classes in college. There is even a chance that if you are a mid-LDS single, you have probably seen the same faces of people every day at the Church, and the same ones at work. While you have the option to go online, many people are still struggling as to how unnatural it will feel. Once all of these combine, it does not only become difficult to form new friendships, as it can also become hopeless to date within this pool.

But, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Below are several tips to help you new faces and make long lasting connections in the most natural way.

Do Visiting and Home Teaching

Many people wouldn’t want a person to visit their home on a monthly basis without even trying to reach out to them. The best visiting and home teachers are friends. They show genuine care to people they are visiting, and they work hard to ensure that the relationship is formed on availability and trust. Fulfilling such a crucial calling is one of the easiest way of doing your duty and making new friends.

Learn New Things

It’s faster to make friends when you share your interests. You can join local groups or classes. It could be about something you are passionate about or something you want to learn. Most community centers offer open enrollment classes for adults, and during summer, even colleges offer these. Never be afraid of going solo and talking to new people you meet.

Go for Vulnerable Questions

Any relationship is built on vulnerability and risk. Although you might think twice about opening up to a person you just met, you can always raise questions which can make the conversation a little more open. Instead of just asking someone how he or she is doing, you can ask them about what runs on their mind lately or what things make them excited in the coming week. Show willingness to listen and be open yourself.

Look Around You

There are many times when you end up overlooking the people already around you. For all you know, there are more opportunities than what you might think. Don’t forget that God put the people in your life for a good reason, and that includes everyone. Take time to notice people who are part of your life already. Your mind should be open, and be more willing to learn more about other people that you probably judged. You might be surprised at who you connect with.

Don’t Just Focus on Dating

Finally, you have to know that many fulfilling life relationships are not romantic. If you spend all your time focusing on looking for a potential date, you might miss forming great friendships with women and men, both old and young. When you focus on establishing strong relationships with the people around you with no dating pressure, you will feel more open and less stressed.