Tips for Choosing an LDS Wedding Dress

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Are you in the market for an LDS wedding dress?

LDS wedding dressIf you are looking to get married as a member of the Mormon church, you need to keep in mind several important details about the dress you choose to wear for the ceremony. When you are looking for your dress, you need to focus on these specific details of the dress.

Make sure that the neckline is cut high in the front and the back.

The focus of an LDS wedding dress is to present modesty to the people who are attending the service. A high neckline will allow you to have a beautiful dress while remaining modest. That way you will have the perfect look for your special day.

The dress must be white instead of any off white variations.

Your wedding dress is an indication of you purity and faithfulness. By selecting a dress that is pure white, you make sure that everyone at the ceremony knows of your purity and faithfulness.

Keep the sleeves on your gown long.

Long sleeves tie in with the issue of modesty, but also extends the presentation of the white color of the dress to cover more of your skin. This shows the extent of your purity to those attending the service.

Make sure there is a lining under any sheer areas on your gown.

Sheer areas on your gown may detract from the appearance of purity and faithfulness on your white gown and will detract from the overall pureness of that white dress. Better to avoid this issue all together.

Avoid any trim or beading

You want the dress to be a simple affair because it will keep the attention on your purity and faithfulness rather than on other concerns including added decorations.

Have a long dress with no train.

While your dress can have a train, you will want to make sure that it can be put under control for the ceremony. This event is not about extra parts and pieces. It is about your relationship with God.

Find the right dress for this special occasion.

If you are preparing for your wedding, you want to make sure that you find the perfect dress so that you can make the best appearance and presentation for the people who are attending your wedding ceremony. Make sure that you are focused on modesty and the purity of your appearance on your wedding day.