LDS Suggestions and Guidelines For Righteous Dating

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Love kissMembers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints usually high standards when it comes to dating and looking for LDS dating sites is not something that is haphazardly decided. Here are several guidelines that should be followed to have a righteous dating experience.

Wait to Date

The youth of LDS are being counseled to teach them that dating should only start when they are at least 16 years of age. The wait to date guideline is inspired counsel from the prophets of Latter-Day. Once followed, this will bring blessings. There are many potential dangers that can happen when you date before you are mentally and emotionally able to handle the physical feelings associated with serious relationships.

Date People with High Moral Standards

When you join LDS dating sites, you have to choose and look for dates that have high moral standards. In case you are not sure, you have to wait until you are totally sure of the character of the person. One question that you can ask yourself when looking for a potential date is to ask yourself whether or not the person is living the gospel standards. Avoid dating someone whom you know will only tempt you into compromising your virtue or your standards. It would be better that you don’t date instead of ending up dating someone who doesn’t respect you. Being a daughter or son of God, it is your right to be respected and respect the ones that you date.

Don’t Date Anyone Who Cannot Marry You in the Temple

Being a The Church of Jesus Christ member, it is strongly encouraged that you date only other members of your faiths. Due to your high standards, it is believed that you only have to date who respect and keep Jesus Christ’s commandments.

The experiences that you get from dating will serve as your preparation for a temple marriage. The chances to have a healthy and happy temple marriage are greater when you date other members of Latter-day Saints who are upholding similar standards.

Avoid Steady Dating

Young people must not date one person too regularly or on a steady basis. Also, it would be best until you are already old enough to date someone steadily, like after high school or after a mission. It is believed that steady dating when you are still young usually leads to tragedy. Based on studies, the longer a girl and boy date each other, the higher the chances that they will be involved in some troubles.

Double and Group Dating

If you do date during your youth, the perfect way to date is by going on double or group dates. Dating together with other couples can be so much fun. This will not just make the conversations easier for at the same time, there will also be more laughter once people pair up and engage in group dates. This setup also ensures that things will not go out of hand.

LDS dating can still be so much fun despite these guidelines and you can also look for LDS dating sites that will help you enjoy the whole experience while adhering to your beliefs.