Are Online LDS Dating Apps Worth Trying For LDS Singles?

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LDS dating appLDS dating apps have changed the way singles who are followers of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints interact and find dates. With the emergence of smart mobile devices, developers are pushing the envelope and creating apps for everything ranging from weight management apps to budgeting apps, and most common are dating apps. The dating apps have become necessary for not only tech-savvy youths but older singles as well, at the click of a button.

The dates are centered on spirituality, and they make dating easier since you do not have to explain the principles of the LDS religion. However, the big question is always this, are online LDS dating apps worth trying for LDS singles? Here are reasons why they are worth giving them a chance.

They are Convenient

Nowadays, we live a busy schedule, from hectic long workweeks to church activities, it leaves many people without the time to stop and think about their inactive love life. With 9 out of 10 people having smartphones and tablets, LDS dating apps provide you with an opportunity to meet other LDS singles in your location from the comfort of your home in the evening or during your break at work.

They Make Meeting Other LDS Singles Easier

Traditional dating is so tedious that LDS singles do not feel like they can take time off their schedule and go chasing other singles. Online LDS dating apps make it easier for you to learn about the other person and to create rapport. The classic boy meets girl scenario has evolved, and there should be no reason that you should be stuck in the days of old waiting for prince charming to sweep you off your feet.

Besides as you advance in age, you start feeling like you have met every type of eligible singles, but they failed at meeting your expectations. Online LDS dating apps widen your scope, and it increases your chances of finding a date.

They Work

Let no one say that online LDS dating apps do not work. There are testimonies from thousands of LDS singles who are dating and some married thanks to various LDS dating apps. Many meet at gatherings but do not dare to initiate the date, but when they find each other on LDS dating apps, they click and start dating. It is only a matter of time and God’s grace that they start making marriage plans.


There are those people in the community that will try to demonize the use of LDS dating apps, simply because of its new age technology. It is of no use to stay in the dark ages and expect to be in accord with the rest of the LDS singles.