LDS Dating Advice for Finding Potential Dates

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LDS Dating Advice are Necessary for LDS Youth

LDS dating adviceFor the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the principle of marriage is important, and all members should respect it. Dating and courtship is a necessary process before getting into marriage. LDS youth are counseled to wait until when they are at least 16 years old; when you follow this rule, you are assured to find blessings in your LDS dating life.

This is because you have your emotional and mental states are not fully matured to handle the vicissitudes of dating. In this guide, we look at LDS dating advice you can apply to find potential dates amongst your fellow LDS followers.

Only Consider Those with High Moral Standards

The best place to meet other singles is in church. It will be easy for you to recognize a person with high moral standards. The process of finding the right person takes time and the minute you find one with high standards, observe him or her for a while, and then make your move.

Finding such a person is of high importance since they will help you on your journey of staying true to your virtues. It is better not to date than dating a person who will tempt you into sin.

Use LDS Dating Apps and Sites

The LDS dating world has evolved so much with the introduction of smart mobile devices, with high internet connectivity. Dating apps and sites are the easiest way to find dates today. Today, you will find many LDS dating sites and apps that offer proper avenues for finding dates. They center on spirituality, and this makes it easy to find a single person of the same religious orientation. This way, you will not have to explain the principles of your religious beliefs to an outsider.

Dress Code

The LDS religion is a champion of self-respect portrayed by your general conduct, which includes your dress code. Avoid dressing in a manner that will tempt the other person to break his or her virtues.

Dating Venue

When you have met a likable person with high moral standards, you need to choose an appropriate venue where you are both comfortable. The Church forbids bars, nightclubs, and watching X-rated movies. Enquire from the recently married couples on suitable dating venues where you can have an intimate one-on-one conversation to get to know your date.


If you are still young, avoid steady dating that brings our familiarity, which could lead you to sin, such as sex before marriage. The best LDS dating advice the is that you should know as many people as possible and make a decision based on how they make your feel, their moral code, as well as ambition.