6 Tips from She in LDS Dating

| Post by LDSDatingSites.org

LDS dating heartSome men have a hard time when it comes to LDS dating, but girls have answer or advice to what men need to know and these include the following:

Tip #1: Aggressive Girls

Be cautious of aggressive girls, yet never be turned off when the girl takes initiative. If the girl asks you out, you must still be a gentleman. How you treat someone, particularly others you do not care about show what type of person you are. Therefore, be a gentleman as well as pay no heed to man-eating, extreme feminist ideas.

Tip #2: Why Most Good Girls Like the Bad Boys

The main reason why most good girls prefer bad boys is because of their confidence. Majority of good guys believe in a ridiculous idiom that good men finish last. But, it isn’t really true. If you wish to go on a date or know more about someone, the only one stopping you is your own self. Confidence shows charm and initiative both of which girls find irresistible. Know what confidence style works best for you because with this and by being yourself, everything will be easier with LDS dating.

Tip #3: Communication

Know how to talk in person. Today, there are many means of communication. You can send text messages or use Facebook and some social media sites for fast communication. You can enjoy dropping harmless hints and fun flirting, yet never use non-verbal communication when asking girls on dates or communicate vital information. You have to take note that some women who are asked on a date via text might feel that you are not sincere enough. So, if you want to impress girls, ask them on a date face-to-face and show them that they’re worth an extra effort and time.

Tip #4: Always Be Honest

Breaking hearts may not be your favorite activity, but sometimes, it’s necessary. Even though you hate to watch the girls cry, consider being honest. If you like her that much and you wish for something more, always be honest. If you do not even want to be just friends, tell her. Even though girls scream, beg or cry, you’re doing both of you a favor in the end by being honest, so never thing that you’re doing what’s best through lying or skirting the issue.

Tip #5: Never Rush and Take It Slow

Girls are the happiest people on Earth when 3 things are in balance such as emotional attachment, commitment, and physical affection. Keep things in a low gear to prevent hurts. Friendship as the foundation of relationship is important and can be essential in dating. You may trust, talk to or care for, confide in a great friend. But, you can’t do these things with someone you’re blindly crazy about. Never allow a flame of jealous burn the future. Enjoy your LDS dating adventure and take everything slow.

Tip #6: Make Girls Feel Safe

Feeling safe in every situation or on a date is probably one of the most essential things. If girls don’t trust you, she might feel anxious whenever she’s with you. As a guy, you have to know that women are people pleasers. They love to make everybody feel loved and happy and hate saying no.